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Faux Wood Blinds

Wood-like Blinds For Your Richmond Windows

The beauty of the real thing, without the high maintenance and special cleaning needs.

Faux Wood Blinds

Affordable Faux Wood Blinds | Richmond CA

There’s no need to limit your tastes when our Richmond Blinds & Shades professionals can help. While the appearance of wooden window blinds can seem attractive, it comes with a hefty bag. That means regular maintenance and moisture protection needs. But you can find a good alternative to suit your requirements at a far lower cost! For example, if you adore how real wood looks for blinds, but loathe the amount of maintenance and the high cost involved, we can assist you! Faux wood blinds will give your home the same welcoming aesthetic. However, they won’t require a lot of maintenance, if at all. Sounds like a good fit?

What Differentiates Faux from Real Wooden Blinds?

Some folks have concerns that faux wood blinds won’t look as lovely as the real thing. But rest assured – imitation wood blinds will capture the same beauty in whatever room they’re installed in. And, in exchange for not having the natural grain of real wood, you gain peace of mind. Wooden window coverings aren’t waterproof without effort, and moisture in the air will damage them. This is particularly for high humidity areas. They require repeated treatment against moisture. Real wood also needs cleaning with particular products as well to avoid harm, adding to the already higher cost than most types of treatments. However, faux wood window blinds can become waterproof, and therefore don’t need so much careful attention. They’re also less expensive thanks to not using real timber!

Improve Your Richmond Kitchen’s Aesthetic

While wooden window treatments add an eye-catching look to the kitchen, going with wooden blinds can cause trouble. Their susceptibility to liquid means that everything from steam, to splashed oils, could damage them permanently. If something does get on them, it’s also not as easy as a quick wipe down to clean them. However, choosing to go with waterproof faux wood blinds does make things that simple! They’re straightforward to clean, and there’s no concern about harming them while cooking. You get the best of beauty and practicality all in one!

Best Quality Faux Wood Window Blinds in Richmond

When you come to Richmond Blinds & Shades for new window coverings, we never slap on treatments in a one size fits all scenario! Instead, our professionals walk through the whole process with you thanks to our free consultations. You’ll have involvement with each part, from choosing the material you want your custom faux wood blinds made of, to picking out the faux wood color and texture. This assures you’ll be completely satisfied with the end product, and how it looks in your home or office.

Custom Blinds, Faux Wood and Real

Our experts will measure each window in your home to then build every set of custom-made faux wood window blinds to match! The Richmond Blinds & Shades team loves nothing more than helping folks around this part of the bay area find beautiful looking window treatments for their residential and commercial properties. You’ll find no sunlight shining around the frame or the cover limits. Thanks to this perfect fit, allowing for the treatments to act as blackout blinds and completely darken any room. That’s the kind of excellent work you can trust from our Richmond experts! Call anytime to schedule your free consultation appointment. Find out more about our various window treatment options and get an estimate on customized choices best suited to your budget and taste.


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